how to replace zero on dataset

hi i have a dataset, on each column I have lot of zero value.
i want a methode to repcale zero with the mean. thanks

Please take a look at the Missing Value node. I think that will do exactly what you need.
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Edit: I did not take into account that you have zeros instead of missing values. See @HansS’ post for information how to turn the zeros into missing values first.


Hi @willson

First with a Rule Engine Node you do: $column1$ > 0 => $column1$
so the column is duplicate and every 0 will return as a missing
With the Missing Value node you use the option to replace the missings by the mean value.


but I have many column with different name, should I duplicate the rule node foreach column

Hi @willson
No, See this post. from another forum topic. You can use it as an example (replace the Rank node; with the Rule Engine and Missing Value node).

gr. Hans

thanks but I use java snippet easy thanks lot


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