How to reshape the data for Tableau?


I want to reshape my data,

Say I have 

Quarter Actual Sales Target Sales Actual Profit Expected Profit
16Q1 200 180 150 120
16Q2 150 200 120 180
16Q3 220 200 160 140
16Q4 180 220 180 200


And I want it like this

Quarter Col2 Col3
16Q1 Actual Sales 200
16Q1 Target Sales 180
16Q1 Actual Profit 150
16Q1 Expected Profit 120
16Q2 Actual Sales 150
16Q2 Target Sales 200
16Q2 Actual Profit 120
16Q2 Expected Profit 180
16Q3 Actual Sales 220
16Q3 Target Sales 200
16Q3 Actual Profit 160
16Q3 Expected Profit 140
16Q4 Actual Sales 180
16Q4 Target Sales 220
16Q4 Actual Profit 180
16Q4 Expected Profit 200

I can do this in EXCEL, I have an Add-in to reshape the data for Tableau, this is the link

Now can anybody please tell me is it possible to do it in KNIME using any nodes?


Thank you.


what you need is the unpivoting node, it does exactly this.

Best, Iris