how to revoke access from user of changing password from webportal

I have one user he shouldn’t able to change the password for himself
when he clicks on setting option on web portal
he directed to change password page

i don’t want the user to change password



I wish this setting icon or page should not able able to touch by the users
only by admin

as this user have limited option on webportal… dept wise


you could use your own customizations, where you simply remove the button for all users:

Just have a look at the webportalTemplate.default folder. This one contains the default WebPortal design. Rename it to webportalTemplate and open knime_template_header.html and remove the line

<li class="icon" location="knime-settings-button"</li>

This should hide the settings button for everyone. So now only the admin should be able to change the passwords of users.

Make sure to create a backup of the whole directory so that you can restore any unwanted changes.



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