How to run loop joiners

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Hello, I have 2 sets of data and they are related.
In sheet1 I have item group
In sheet2 I have what the group property the items should have.
in final result, I want to have something like this.

For several groups I can run several joiners but what if the group number goes to 100 or 1000.
I think I can leverage Loop to run multiple iterations. But I am not clear what do you.
Would it possible to share the workflow for this and I can apply to 100 times?

Hi Max,

instead of using a loop, I would use the unpivoting node and only one joiner (and an additional row filter :slight_smile: ) .

Unpivoting node:
The unpivoting node rotates selected columns from the input table to rows and duplicates at the same time the remaining input columns by appending them to each corresponding output row.
In your example the columns you want to rotate (called value columns) are the groups (Genka 1, Genka 2,…) and the retaining column is the column item.

Row Filter node:
As a result you will end up with a lot of missing values or empty cells in the value column. You can remove them with a Row Filter node.

Joiner node:
Next you can use the Joiner node and join based on your Groups.

I hope this helps you building your workflow. If not please let me know and I’m happy to explain it in more detail.



Thank you for your quick and VERY helpful ideas!
I have figured out!
read sheet 2 in the top and sheet 1 in the bottom.


Then use Row filter to exclude missing values


Column filter to leave columns that I need.
Problem sloved.

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Brilliant! Thank you for sharing the screenshots. This makes it much easier for others to understand your solution.

Yep. I believe others will have similar problems so that they can refer this.

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