How to run query and build data from another recordset

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I am  new to KNIME and may be asking a very basic question here . What i want to do is run a query on Oracle DB and fetch record set which i am able to do . Next is i want to run another query on oracle DB with the filter from current fetched recrdset . 

Lets say my first quert retun me a record set (Id, Number,Name) . I need to run another query on this record set to get more data like fetch details where Empno = Number from current recordset. is it possible and if yes how we can run query on a recordset each record filter and create another record set ?

Hi there, you can use a row filter node after you've got the recordset. The output from that node will be the filtered recordset. 

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thanks for the reply . But i dont think this will help in building another recordset from data from current one . I checked the info on the above step it filters records based on some condition . In my case i want to run a query with data from each row from current recordset and create another recordset . 

Example - current recordset has Emp Id and Name from a table or from a excel 

i need to use EMp id and get data of salary from a databse table .

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thanks for support i got ans for my query i can use databsse looping for my scenario and it worked .