How to save a MetaNode ?

Hi would like to save a MetaNode, to re-use it in another works, just like it was a regular note. But i cannot find how to do it.

Do you have some ideas ?

Hi, nobody knows how to do this ?

I simply want to save a metanode I create in order to use it in another workflow without recreating the whole metanode, and make the metanode appear in the node repository.

Hi Alberto,

I've also asked that (see, and received an answer in the context of our support contract with ideas where to look. You'd need to do some copying of folders on the file system, there's no GUI option for this yet - hopefully next release, who knows! :-)


Hello Alberto, Hello E.,

With KNIME 2.4 we have release a new KNIME Desktop feature that allows sharing workflows and metanodes within a small team. The new view is fully integrated into the KNIME workbench and even allows defining workflow snippets as linked metanodes that can then be used by any other user that is connected to one (or many) shared resources. Please check out the new KNIME TeamSpace and the TeamSpace documentation which is an commercial extension of the product suite. If you have any question please let me know.

Best regards, Thomas

What shall I say to that? "Excellent" comes to mind! :-)