How to save "cookie-cut" grey-valued images post segmentation?

Dear Knimers,

Post segmentation, say global-thresholding of cells/nuclei from grey-valued micrographs, how can one save (to a file, e.g. .tiff/.png) the grey-valued "cookie-cut" version corresponding to each segment?

FYI, I'm able to save the BitMask-ed cookie-cut version of segmentation for each object/segment via "Segment Features --> Image Writer".

See the attached image.





Hi Reddy,

sorry for the delay of the answer, but I have good news: the next release (expected end of July) of the image processing plugin will contain a lot of innovations and changes, which will make the plugin more powerful. Among them is a "Segment Cropper" which probably will meet your needs.



Hi Martin,

Thanks for the Good News! Currently, I'm using the MATLAB scripting support for the cookie-cutting of R-G-B images. Hopefully, we can remove that dependency with the forthcoming update.

Thanks once again.


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