How to save excel files using Server

Hello guys, Im starting to handle the KNIME server, however Im having difficulties when saving the output files.

Currently I use a variant to save the files in the “desktop” of the user that its executing the job, however the server provides an error that states that cannot access to the specified location.

Can you please help me in guiding on how should I deal with output files in Server?

Hi @GQRanalytics,

the user that was used to start the server is the process owner. The process owner has to have appropriate access rights (e.g. read/write/execute) to the files and directories on the Server file system to make interactions with the file system.
For example, if you use knime user to run the server and you want an output of a job to be written to a folder /home/user1/desktop/ of user1, then you have to make sure that permissions are set up in the way that knime user can write in that directory.

Could you please check, that this is already the case?