how To save my HTML Report as pdf

Dear all,

I add a different script to my HTML page for highlighting PS (i have a table row so knime is not able to highlight a specific word within a row table so what I did I convert this row to HTML and then applied my script for highlighting).

I want to Keep my result and save it as PDF(PS: I try to save as pdf run as PDF birt but my output without highlighting)

Please find my screenshot as HTML report.

I'm looking for your suggestion.



Hi Mokrani, 

According to the BIRT Report Developer Guide (BIRT Report Developer Guide > Excerpts from BIRT Field Guide > Displaying Text): 

1  Make sure the table or list in which you want to insert a dynamic text element is bound to the data set that contains the CLOB data. To verify or create the data set binding, perform the following tasks:
    1  Select the table or list.
    2  In Property Editor, choose the Binding tab.
    3  In the Binding page, in Data Set, select the data set. BIRT creates a column binding for each field in the data set.
2  Drag the dynamic text element from the palette, and drop it in the table or list.
3  In the expression builder, choose Available Column Bindings, choose the table under Sub-Category, then double-click the column binding that refers to the data set field that contains the CLOB data. Choose OK to save the expression.
4  In the layout editor, select the dynamic text element. In Property Editor, choose the Properties tab. Property Editor displays the properties of the dynamic text element.
5  Choose General properties, then choose one of the following values for Content type:
    * Auto
    Choose this value if you do not know the format of the field contents. If the content contains HTML tags, BIRT Report Designer interprets it as HTML and displays the content correctly. If the content is plain text, BIRT Report Designer displays it correctly also.
    * HTML
    Choose this value if you know that all the field contents are HTML.
    * Plain
    Choose this value to display the field contents exactly as they appear in the data source. If the content contains HTML tags, BIRT Report Designer displays the HTML tags.
6  Preview the report to verify that the report displays the text from the specified data set field.

The above holds for the KNIME BIRT Report integration. 

Please also find attached a sample workflow. 





Hi amartin,

my problem is not in binding data.

 I implement a script (with native javascript) in report Item (text(Plain/HTML)) when I run my report as HTML I get my highlighting in-page web but when I run it as pdf the script doesn't execute it will get just my text without highlighting.

That means I get only the structure of the HTML Page with RowData. (my script don't execute or don't recognize it ).

I put my script (javascript )in the Dynamic Text to solve the problem but this report Item don't have the DOM(Document Object Model) platform--> means I CANT apply for example this features  document.get.... and  $... 


Please, I need bits of help.

find attached my script if there is something need to change for (DynamicText ) so he can recognize my implementation for highlighting.

PS: HTML structure word Well as PDF also as HTML report -->want to apply my script to the HTML as PDF report


Dear Anna,

Thank you for the suggestion. based on your idea I find how to how highlights specific words in PDF File.

The solution is you need to implement a native Javascript in the Dynamic Text. Then when you run the report as PDF the BIRT with executing the dynamic text as Function and the TEXT HMTL as Template.

Best Regards.