How to see the source code of the nodes

Hi friends:

I want to see the source code of document vector node, then i want to develop my own node with that code, the problem is that in knime sdk, i can't install or declare dependencies of the plugins that cointain that node. I do not how to do that, i really need to look in the source code for my work, please help me.

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Here you can find the answer to the question and as well how to develop your own nodes:


I have added all the plugins of Knime in Eclipse and I want to create my Own custom node. but I am not able to understand how to pass the data from one node to another node.

I saw one node which has been provided by the Knime itself which is " File Reader "  node. Now I want the source code of this node or jar file for this node But I am not able to find it out.

I am searching with the simillar name in eclipse plugin folder but still I din't get .

Can someone please tell me how to pass the data from one node to another node and how to identify the classes or jar for any node given by knime and source code also.


Please give the solution asap, it is very important for me.

if you can then you can send some example on my email address :-