How to select multiple column names at once

Hello everyone,
I have table A(This is my summary):

I have table B(This is the column name I want to select)
How can I select a specific column and select 100 different columns at once? I would be very grateful if someone could tell me.

@lca50666 ,

Can you explain on which basis you want to select ? and purpose for A nd B table ?


@tqAkshay95 ,


Can you provide a sample Excel file?


You can design a workflow following the attached image for your reference. Additionally,

you can directly download the attached workflow and use your data.

How to select multiple column names at once.knwf (78.3 KB)

Screenshot 2024-07-04 153951


@tqAkshay95 Thanks a lots!this solut is very useful.

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