how to send credentials and variables data in batch mode


I have a error with send data in batch mode. i use the command -credential=credential_name;user;pass ,I want to know what should be placed in credential_name and what should I put in the workflow. 

The problem is that I'm using databases, which need credentials and the workflow must be executed by batch, Try using the previous command, but for some reason the user and the password is not reaching the workflow. Also try with variables and it does not work.

Actually I have this command 

knime.exe -nosplash -noexit -nosave -reset -consoleLog -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION  -workflowFile="C:\Users\LabingXEON\knime_workspace\" -credential=usuario;mario;ortega


I hope you can help me and better if it is with examples and images.

PD: I guide by through the link and i don´t found the solution.




Your workflow needs to include a Credentials Input node in order for this to work. This node needs to be connected to your database connectors. In the node configuration, the Parameter Name has to be set. This is what you will be using in the batch command as "credential_name".

I hope that helps!



Is this still true in KNIME Analytics Platform 4.1? Setting credentials in batch mode won’t work unless Credentials Input node appears in the workflow? It is not enough to define Credentials in the Workflow Credentials dialog displayed using workflow context menu, and refering these credentials in DB Connector (Oracle, PostgreSQL Connector…) configuration dialog?

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