How to send parameter to SQL in syntax where parameter in()

I’m creating one script. The script will connect to database and query data by using value in Excel column B. This value will be sended to SQL command (in node Database Reader) but it doesn’t work now. Could you kindly help to take a look at my code? Is there any syntax error?

My Excel:
Column A I Column B
data1 (‘data1’,
data2 ‘data2’)

The column B will be data for SQL in command like this …Where Column in(List data in column B)

I use node “Table Column to Variable” to get data of column B from node “Excel reader”

My SQL code in node “Database Reader” is

**Select ***
FROM table1
Where Column in $${@Col1}$$
–Col1 > keep data in Excel column B

But it’s doesn’t work.

Please help on this. Thank you so much.

Hi there!

You should use Parameterized Database Query node in this case.

Take a look at this workflow and if any questions feel free to ask.

2019_02_26_Flow_Variable_DB.knwf (21.0 KB)