How to send the statistical result from a table to the next node?

Hi all,

I have a table

student score
Markus 4
Conny 3
Ying 5
  • How to get the maximal value from the column "score" and send it to the next node as flow variable?

    I know, there is "Math Formula" node, which I can used to get the result max(score)=5, but how can I sent it to the next node? The Math Formula will append a new column filled with 5 to my table, it is not necessary for me, I just need the value "5"
  • How to send the row, which contains maximal score, to the next node?

    For my case, I want the row: "Ying, 5" to be sent, how can I do that?




Hi Ying,

this is done with the Table Row to Flow Variable Node

(You can also use the Groupby node to do basic statistics for the complete column, just don't include any values in the grouping column list)

Best, Iris

Hi Iris,

thanks for the answer! The "Groupby" Node now works for me. But the "Table Row to Flow Variable" doesn't work, I didn't find a place in the node where I can set the formula. Can you give a concrete workflow example?