How to Seperate data from Twitter



I am new to KNIME. I'm working on a large set of data from tweeter about 02, Vodafone,T-Mobile etc. Could anybody please tell me how to seperate these tweets by the mobie operators i.e I want tweets about vodafone seperated from tweets about 02 and T-Mobile.

Can I do this with KNIME? If so, someone please tell me how.




Hi Chidozie, 

It depends a bit on specifically what questions you are trying to answer.  Do you want to pull the tweets out just by their Twitter name (eg. @vodafone)?  If so, it's quite easy with a row filter node and wildcard based string matching. Otherwise, maybe it makes sense to look at some other options.  If you post an example I will try to have a look but we are quite busy in the office here with the upcoming KNIME 2.8 release. 

Best Regards,

Aaron Hart