How to set log level in KNIME Server

Hi Team,

After connecting to a KNIME server, when I execute a workflow in server, it failed. Now the only option to check the error messages is right-click on the executed workflow and check ‘Show workflow messages’. This just throws the error messages. How can I get the debug level log messages when I execute a workflow in server?


Hi Ravikiran,

From the AdminPortal you can download all server log files. You may also access those log files directly on the server. It is also possible to set the option:
in the preferences.epf for the server. In that case the workflow execution logs are attached to the workflow job. Choosing ‘Save as workflow’ will then save the job as a workflow, and downloading locally allows to inspect the log file.



Dear Jon,

Thanks a lot for your clarification. Along these lines I was trying to use the Job view functionalities to inspect the node failures. Is the console log also accessible somewhere from that view? Also I couldn’t manage to find how to visualize the output tables. Is this possible in the current version?