How to set Normalizer (PMML) node in order to normalize all the columns?

Hi guys,

How can I set the Normalizer (PMML) node in order to normalize always all the input columns?

My input columns are going to change from time to time and I need to execute the workflow without manually re-setting this node. To me it seems that this is possible only on the Normalizer node (through the use of Wildcard/Regex selection) but not on the Normalizer (PMML) node.

Additionally inside the Normalizer (PMML) node a flow variable called "all_numeric_columns_used" is present but I don't know how to set it as it is boolean.

Any suggestion is appreciated.



Hi Gio,

you can set "boolean" variables with a string variable. The string must be either "true" or "false". I just did a quick test and it seems to do what you would expect, but I can't guarantee for anything.

Hey, I didn't know that.

Thank you so much Marlin!