How to set the loop parameter dynamically and store the data in each loop

Hello guys, I have a loop that I did for my API call, since I need paging.
I need to set the number of loop dynamically in the workflow, since paging parameter is dynamic.
Also, I need to save the data in each iteration and store all data in one table in final.

Here is my workflow,

If you can help me in this matter or share your ideas, I would be glad.

Hi @aalpersa

A recursive loop is a suitable solution for this matter. An example of dynamic pagination with Youtube comments is covered here.

Configuring this properly is really dependant on how the API is build so for more detailed help I’d recommend providing more details about the API that you’re using and sharing your workflow without your auth token.


Hello @ArjenEX, thanks for your precious answer. I solved my problem with a counting loop :slight_smile:.

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