How to set up a loop for cell splitting

Hi everyone,

i’m new to the wonderfull KNIME-World and trying to set up my first own workflow.


I have my Data in a single cell like this:

| Germany 1.724.238; Austria 20.994; Switzerland 16.009; UK 6.942; Spain 4.445; Italy 3.868; … |

It goes on and on for pretty much every country, you get the idea.

I used the cell splitter in the first step to split the data into this:

| Germany 1.724.238 | Austria 20.994 | Switzerland 16.009 | … |

For the next step, I need to split it further so that i can extract the Numbers e.g.:

| Germany | 1.724.238 | Austria | 20.994 | Switzerland | 16.009 | … |

How do I loop the cell spliter correctly?


Hi @Nikolas_HBN

welcome to the KNIME-World :knime:

I made you an example. Actually you don’t need a loop at all.

Cheers, Iris cellsplitting_Example.knwf (12.4 KB)

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thanks a lot for the quick response!

But I’m afraid that i got a lot more reading to do…

Test01.xlsx (7.9 KB)

Your example gave me the first row, unfortunatly I would need the format from the row below. basically I just need to extract the value for Germany. The problem is that germany is not always at the first place, so i need kind of an intelligent search.

Kind Regards

I was curious and toyed around with the solution and came up with this.

The RegEx in the middle might not cover all eventualities but can be adapted (



kn_example_split_cells.knwf (62.3 KB)

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