How to setup Oracle connector?



I was not able to set up an Oracle connector nor to find a howto or tutorial on that. All the introductions I found stop at setting up file readers.

To me it is not really intuitive and following screenshots show error and settnigs so far.



Secondly, I have started with the following.
I noticed that the output of the connector is a connection but the DB reader is expecting DB data input ( =8-O I thought the reader was supposed to read from the database to actually get the data). Where can I find the correct node? (I found DB query having the same input expectations as the DB reader.)

The upper DB connector goes to a DB2 and to this point I was apparently able to setup properly.

I would be most happy if someone nudged me into the right direction.

I am using 4.0.1

Kind regards



Warning Oracle Connection : .DatabaseWrappedDriver return null

HI there @Thiemo.Kellner,

have you checked this Guide for DB Extension? It is pretty instructive. Here you will find how to add a driver, connect to a database and some simple print screen examples (e.g. how to read from a database). For downloadable examples check KNIME Hub. There you can also find other DB nodes.

Just to mention that for Oracle you can connect with both DB Connector and Oracle Connector but latter node uses a fixed JDBC URL schema. Check here for more: Troubleshooting. Database Connector (Legacy) for Oracle works, new Oracle Connector doesn't.


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