how to share data from Component into next Node / Metanode?

I think title of the question says everything. I need Components for user interaction because I am deploying workflows on KNIME server and unfortunatelly I can not send on needed data.
Thank you in advance,
Denis :smiley:

Hi @denajaha

I don’t if I understood your question correct. But when you collect user input via e.g. Widget nodes, you have to configure the Component (ctrl-click-click), so the data is available outside the component. See also this topic.
gr. Hans


Hi there @denajaha,

if you have already created Component without output port you can right click on Component, go to
Component Menu and then choose Setup…


In shown configuration dialog you can add Output ports and their types. Then go inside Component and connect node which has data you want to forward to next node to Component Output.


Hope this helps!



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