How to show a value from a workflow written on an annotation or a label


I wonder if there is a way to show a signinficant value being used by the workflow, for instance a variable value, to be shown in a workflow annotation or any other kind of label. One example of such a significant value could be the environment being used at the moment.

Being more descriptive: if I’m running a workflow that does a manipulation on a dev database environment, I want a label or annotation with a text showing it, captured from a variable, like “DEV” to appear in a workflow so I can check it at a glance, instead of having to find such information inside a node or a var.

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Hello @gcfleury,

do you know about Node Monitor view? There you can see variable values from a node. Currently that seems best way to see information you want without diving into node. Additionally larger UI/UX improvements are planned for KNIME Analytics Platform (see here) and will forward your idea/suggestion.


Hi @gcfleury -

Right now I don’t think this is possible within KNIME AP - you would have to do some editing of the underlying XML in the workflow itself, and even then that won’t update on the fly.

This is an interesting idea though - as @ipazin mentioned we can pass it on to the UI team.


Thank you so much.


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Thanks, hope to see it implemented soon.


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