How to Shuffle data on every loop iteration?

Hi all,

I created a for loop using the “Counting loop” node, now what I want to do next is to shuffle my data on every iteration. I’ve tried the “Shuffle” node, but it seems it’s not working correctly or maybe I am not using it correctly. Can anyone suggest a way/node that can shuffle my data on every iteration?

Thank you very much

Hello @sm_aldaoud,

what do you mean by it’s not working correctly?
Or rather how would you expect it to work?
Did you set a static seed? In that case each shuffling would result in the same output order provided you use the same seed.




Hi Adrian

I just tried a different way to test it in which I only added a shuffle node inside a loop, and the results showed that the data are indeed shuffled on every iteration, but when I use it on a decision tree, I get the same results for each iteration this is the reason I asked my question, so I guess it’s working fine and maybe I am applying it correctly.

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Shuffling your data should have no effect on the decision tree building, since in each Decision Tree node the whole dataset is split. If you want to get different trees, you can use Bootstrap Sampling.
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