how to split a table in 2 halves?

Hello Everyone,

i desperately try to split a table into 2/4/8 table (because they are too large), loop over them and do some calculations and join them back together with some groupby nodes..

my table sizes are 20.000 multiplied by 5.000 ...

as you can see, its taking way too long and i hope i could reduce the execution time


greetings, Jawed

oh yeah,

the row splitter does not support something usefull in my case and the rule based row splitter does not work with following expression: "$$ROWINDEX$$ % 2 = 0 => TRUE"

Fuck me... i haven't realised that there is a java snippet row filter... ok, solved everything!

Hi Jawed,

the rule based nodes do not support mathematic operations in its semantics right now. But this is something we are working on.

Cheers, Iris