How to split the column name ?

Hi everebody !

I'm a new user of software Knime, don't be too hard with me :).

So I have a CSV file that looks like this:

Date Temperature
9/15/2014 77.34
9/16/2014 75.94
9/17/2014 75.53

I use a CSV Reader to read it and it gives me this:

Row ID Date,Temperature
1 9/15/2014,77.34
2 9/16/2014,75.94
3 9/17/2014,9/17/2014

To split the data to have appropriate columns, I use a Cell Splitter but the problem in output is that I have this:

Date,Temperature_Arr[0] Date,Temperature_Arr[1]
9/15/2014 77.34
9/16/2014 75.94
9/17/2014 75.53

I would also like to split the name columns

Could you help me ?

Thank you for your answers.

It looks as if your CSV Reader isn't configured correctly. Unless there is something odd about your CSV file's format then you should be able to set this node up to split the columns as you want, without having to add a Cell Splitter node.

Thank you Tom, i resolved the problem in changing the format of my file.