How to split this value into different column

Hey all,
I have different variations of similar strings as below in a column

I want to have another column that contains TAMR from the string. Instead of TAMR , there can be other 4 lettered word as well. How to do this?

Hi @divya3011 , will the four letter word that you are looking for always be in the 17th position (if my counting is correct :wink:) delimited by | symbols, and is it always followed by “/”?

There are various ways this could be done depending on specific patterns of the strings (e.g cell splitter and String Replacer , or even just a straight String Replacer, or possibly String Manipulation using regex replace) , so do you have another few examples which can be used to confirm ideas.?Thanks

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Hello! No, the letter will not be on 17th position necessarily but the part to pick up is after 16 “|”. I solved it using cell splitter and then removing the unneeded columns!


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