how to stop auto updates in KNIME platform

The update for the KNIME Analytics platform (client) to a new version(4.7.8) is happening during the regular intervals of time (see figure 1) and the admin did not enforce it. However, the automatic update which happened, doesnt pick the latest version 5.2.
This auto update is happening only in Analytics platform.
Update in KNIME executor is not happening automatically, so the executor version is lower than the client (Analytics platform). Because of this, we are facing issues while opening dashboards for new workflows. (fig 2)

We want the update to happen, only when the admin does it.

Kindly share your ideas to stop this auto update.


Hands up for the same question/request.
We manage AP version via SCCM release, so we don’t want our internal KNIME users to update AP before executor upgrading.
Change the setting manually is not a solution for us (5k users now), we need a parameter to control this.

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Hi @Bavi0810,

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If it is only few machines, you can disable the software update as shown in the below figure.

Hi @scnliuqin,

Actually, it is a good idea to have a centralized control, to avoid this kind of an update. I too agree with your viewpoint. Maybe it should go as Feedback and enhancement to the existing methodology to update client software.

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Sorry for the late reply. Does the issue still presist?
Unfortunately, I cannot replicate the “auto update installation” problem. There is an option in AP preferences to control “auto check for updates” or even “downloading updates” but nothing to “install” updates automatically. Did happen once or does it happen everytime with each update?

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