How to substract between two data separately

Hello everybody,

I'm a beginner in KNIME, so I have some troubles with connecting the nodes together and making it works.

And now, below is my problem I've stucked on, please help me to find a right solution for processing it.


Input: 2 file csv

My workflow: <File Reader> → <Math Formula> for each column → <Joiner> → <CSV Writer>

Output: 1 file csv (result of 2 files above)


My solution here did subtracted between two csv files together by Math Formula node for each column (4 Math Formula nodes)

So I have a asssumption in the nearly future, if my csv data add more columns, then the workflow above will be broken and it caused that an expansion for the amount of Math Formula nodes by each column. :(

Any better way to solve my problem, please give me an example or point me out how to improve the workflow above!

Furthermore, please see my attached image.

P.S: Sorry if my English is not good to express the meaning.

Thanks for considering my problem


Hi Moroboshi, 

You can find the workflow with an exemplary solution in the attachment. 

The workflow takes two identically structured tables (please, make sure that the columns are properly ordered) and loop over the columns one by one for each table, join each pair of columns by UserID and makes the necessary calculations for two columns. In the end it outputs a table with the same structure as the input tables, consisting of the calculation results on two tables.   




Hi Amartin
Thanks for your workflow, but the result from your worflow and what I want like below, would you pls help to review and advise.

Hi @Chenfang -

This is a five year old thread. Could you please make a separate thread for your question? I will lock this one.