How to sum up columns of each row data after loop?

Hello everyone
I am new here. I need your advice so much
I need to sum up each columns

To understand the node, I made it , but I don’t know how to make it through Loop
If I use the math formula, only one column is added up. I want to know how to use N

For example, Column1+10 = new Column1, Column2+11 =new Column2 …
ColumnN+N+9 = new ColumnN

Please advise how to do it.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello @onetonic33 and welcome to the KNIME forum
The specific nodes that allows you to loop through columns are ‘Column List Loop Start’ and ‘Loop End (Column Append)’

I hope this is helping you.


Hello @onetonic33,

to my knowledge there is no simple solution to this kind of column manipulation (simple meaning using function in Math Formula Multi Column node). For ideas check this topic:

Additionally I have created a workflow example which might do what you need. Take a look and if any questions feel free to ask.
columnN+2_ipazin.knwf (25.5 KB)

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