How to switch off the password change option for users in webportal?

I need to remove/disable the password change option from the webportal which allows a user to change the password. How can I accomplish that?


Hi Lars,

That is possible by turning off the user database realm by commenting it out in the server.xml. That assumes then that you use either the file realm, or the JNDI (LDAP) realm for user authentication.



Hey Jon,

I just tried to switch from database to xml file in order to remove the settings option from the webportal.

I see that only my password from the tomcat-users.xml is accepted now, which makes me think I did the changes you mentioned.

But I see no change yet to the settings option in the webportal:

  1. It is still there and
  2. all functiones are still provided and even working, giving positive feedback about changes there.

The webportal login just not accept changes there afterwards.

What did I wrong?


PS. Accordingly I would like to disable the change options in USERS & GROUPS since this should also not work after the change to XML based database