How to tell KNIME to ignore 'new line' character in File Reader node

I'm trying to read in a text file using the File Reader node, but there are some rows that are being split into 2 rows where there appears to only be a space character.  When I view the file in Windows Notepad, the rows appear as 1 line, but when I view the file with a HEX editor there appears to be a '20' and a '0A' character at the point where the row is split.  Is there any way to tell the File Reader node to ignore these characters and keep the row as 1 row?


I've attached a file with 2 of the problem rows - they are the rows that start with '1157-FEMININE HYGENE', and the rows are being split between '8FT" and 'PLANOGRAM'.


the KNIME csv reader allows you to specify the line break characters. You could give that a try. Otherwise you might want to convert your file beforehand to have consitent newline characters, either carriage return or line feed.