How to test a trained FIS model?

I'm developing a new plugnin composed by 2 node: Learner and Predictor. In the Learner node I use a custom module which produce a trained model with .fis extension (fuzzy inference system). Now the problem is that I normally use "FisPro" (an open source program) to test the model or to evaluate the fis model performance. The libraries of this program are written in C++, so the questions are:

-is there any native way in KNIME to use C++ libraries in a KNIME plugin?
-is there a native way in KNIME to test a .fis model so i don't need FisPro?

Thank you in advance for the answer.

P.S. The post was written with the help of google translate, so i apologize for any possible inaccuracy

It isn't a native KNIME functionality you want if you are writing your own node. I had a quick coode and there are some JNI's that have been written: 

You should be able to use these to call out to FisPro. 

You may be able to use the external tool node to call out to FisPro

First of all, thank you for the answer. But unfortunately I can't open the link, it seems the URL doesn't exist.

I think I accidentalty included the space in the hyperlink. Try this

Perfect, thank you! I should look better on that site!