How to trim leading zeros of CAS#

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I have a table of CASRNs in a column named "CASNO".  Because of how the outside program outputs CAS#'s they end up padded by leading zeros to a constant length.  For example 50-00-0 is represented as 0000050-00-0.  Depending on the length of the CAS number there can be one or 5 leading zeros.

Can I use the Java snippet (simple) node to remove the leading zeors?  If so, can somebody help me assign the correct terms in the Global Variable Declaration and Method Body?

I am failing miserably due to lack of Java knowledge.  I was not able to find the exact solution using the search function on the forum.




the workflow in attachment will give you the answer.

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Hi Fabien,

That is similar to what I was trying-- however, that expression won't run on my version 2.11.  I get the following error:

The method regexReplace(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String) is undefined for the type Expression32

I suspect there is a Java preference that needs to be selected in "Preferences" or a Java file that needs to be copied.  Any ideas?


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Hi Drewb4,

If it can help I'm working with a 2.11.2 under windows 7 64 bit. A good challenge for the wonderful development team ?



I haven't looked at Fabiens workflow, but my guess would be to use RegExpression in the String Replacer node with the pattern expression


And for replacement text it would be



I don't know if this helps.


Simon-- that worked!  Thanks!