How to uninstall an extension from Knime?

Installed lots of extension for review. But due to this, Knime is taking much longer time to start.

How can uninstall an existing installed extension?

Help -> About KNIME -> Installation Details -> Installed Software. Select the Feature you want to uninstall and klick the Uninstall button. Note that the extension might still be present in the file system for some time, but they are not loaded and available any more.


thor : Can you explain 'some time' more specifically? Is it until system restart or is there any hard date ( as in judgement day ) after which all are deleted? Are there any background programs ( as in google bot or cookies ) that would clean up periodically? Does the user need to delete all the files and directories where the unused extensions are installed?

Please NEVER remove any files from the installation directory! It will destroy the installation! KNIME/Eclipse has a garbage collector for uninstalled extensions. It will remove the unused files when it thinks it's appropriate.

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Thor: thanks for the answer. Solution worked for me.

The same thing has happened to me, although rather than taking a while to open, Knime is simply freezing every time I try to open it. Is there any solution? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but this hasn't worked.

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