How to uninstall KNIME extension?

I am developing a KNIME python node. I bundled it and installed it from File → Preferences → Install/Update → Available Software Sites. Everything works and I can see my node in node repository.
Next I want to update the node code. But the node in the node respository always point to the build version I installed not the one I am developing. (pointed by the knime.ini file).
How do I uninstalled the build version so that I can develop on the node?

Hi @wenhuizhao ,

This would be related to versioning of plugins (Version Numbering - Eclipsepedia)
Have you tried bumping the version number of the extension in the knime.yaml file?

That would be the easiest way and should present you with the option to update the extension.

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in general your local code should have precedence over an installed version of your Python node extension plugin. For that to be the case you need to have:

  • your installed plugin and the local code must have the same extension id (specified in the knime.yml of your extension)
  • your config.yml specifies a src folder for the extension with this id, as described here: Create a New Python based KNIME Extension

Are you sure that you have everything configured like this?

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Thanks. It is working now with the proper configure.


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