how to update data for Generic JavaScript View

Hi, I am not very familiar with JS. Any comments will be really appreciated. Thanks!

I created a generic JS view with some input table (represented as KnimeDataTable in JS view node). And I have a selection widget that filter out some data in the upstream of the workflow. When I opens the interactive view, the JS chart looks fine but if I make a selection to re-execute, the JS chart will have an error. But the other table view node works just fine.

In my understanding, when the selection widget re-executed, the output table is modified and therefore the data in KnimeDataTable in my generic JS view is also changed, but only the data is changed - the structure is the same.

Here is the workflow picture of the whole view component.

Hi @xli

And welcome to the KNIME community. Would it be possible for you to share some example workflow containing the code of the Generic JS script node here or on Without it we wouldn’t be able to help you properly.


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