How to use a recursive node to store updated column values.

Hello, I’ve set up a workflow using the “Table Row to Loop Start” node to apply different logic to each column and update their values.
However, after the loop ends, only the value of column 3 from the last loop execution is updated.

I want to use a recursive loop to store the results of each column’s execution, but I’m finding it challenging to connect the recursive loop with the existing loop.

Here is an example of the initial data and the desired final result:

Initial data:

Id Date Column1 Column2 Column3
A 202308 108 100099 1
B 202308 1044 100098 2008
C 202308 0 9999999 2009
D 202308 9999999 10004 9999999

Result data:

Id Date Column1 Column2 Column3
A 202308 100 100000 0
B 202308 1040 100000 2010
C 202308 0 ? 2010
D 202308 ? 10000 ?

I want to keep the “Id” and “Date” values unchanged while applying logic to update the values in “Column1” to “Column3” using a loop and store the updated values.
I’m not sure how to integrate this with the existing loop.
I’m struggling with the sequence and which data to connect to which port.

Hi @jjlee
Could you explain the logic to update the columns to have better understanding of what you are trying to achieve?

Have a look at [Moving Aggregator – KNIME Community Hub] node.


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I connected the “Loop End (Column Appender)” node to the “Table Row to Variable” node and achieved the desired output. Thank you for your response.

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