How to use Colors in reporting

Demonstrates how to use the colors defined in a KNIME Color Manager in the reporting. 1) In KNIME: Define colors in Color Manager 2) In KNIME: Extract colors from color model and send color table to BIRT/Reporting 3) In Birt: Define "onFetch" script on color data set from step (2) This will put the a color key-value pair (class->colorID) into a PersistentGlobalVariable (Birt calls JavaScript during report generation) 4) In Birt: Use a dummy/hidden text element as first report element to access the color table (will subsequently run the "onFetch" script on the data set from step (3)) (Details on step (3) and (4) can be found here: 5) In Birt: In the script to a graph element define appropriate functions to use the variables defined in step (3), see details here: Note, this is rather complicated but the only solution that seems to be doable. KNIME and the BIRT are two independent components, whereby KNIME really only serves as a data provider to BIRT. Taking dynamic control on the coloring in a bar chart does not seem to be an easy task in plain BIRT either (see birt-exchange for details).

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