How to use database update node


we do have the following problem:

We do have a database table with row_id, some variables and one variable with missing values. We want to update this variable with values from a csv-file. This csv-file contains the same row_id, but has more datalines than the database table.

Now we want to update the missing values of the variable in the database table with values from the csv-file but only for those datalines that exist in the database table.

Is there any way to do this by using the database update node?

We tried to use this node, but than all datalines from the csv-file were inserted in the database table.

Thanks for your help!




if your SET columns and WHERE columns in the Database Update node are set properly, I don't see why this should happen.

Can you perhaps share which logic you are using for the update and attach a screenshot of your Database Update node configuration?



thank you very much for your information "I don't see why this should happen".

Today I renewed the update node and it worked!

I suppose somenthing was wrong with the settings of the node...

Thank you!




Cool, solved then.