How to use get request node using bearer token

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Can someone please help me in configuring a Get Request node where the authentication is via a bearer token.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Swapnil_Bhure , you need to generate the token first, and then pass it as a header.

The value should be in the format of Bearer YourToken. For example:
Bearer ab123ade4356f355653edf23455

As for the key/variable name, it depends on what the api says to use. Usually it’s “Authorization”.

EDIT: Here’s how you would do it in the GET Request node:
Go to the “Request Headers tab”, and click on “Add header parameter”

Then enter “Authorization” as Header key, and “Bearer YourToken” (replace “YourToken” by the generated token) as Header value:

Click OK, and the header will be added:

You may need to add other headers, depending on what the api says to add.

Of course, you can build the value for the token header dynamically, but first, test with static/hardcoded token to see if it works.

After that, you can dynamically add it - for example String Manipulation join("Bearer ", $token$) and pass it as a flow variable to the GET Request header


Thanks @bruno29a . It worked :slight_smile:

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