How to use MongoDB node?


I am trying to connect a MongoDB Reader node to my Mongo database, but I am not sure what I have to write in Query box, is necessary to specify something in this part?, Exist some documentation explaining how this node work???,

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The node description of this node explains, how it should be used. It has a reference to the Jongo documentation, the query language that is used by the node.

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Hi, I used Knime 2.11 Analytics and I have upgraded to KNIME 2.12.0 using Check for Updates from Eclipse.

I don't see Mongo DB nodes from Knime Labs, are they not available for desktop edition or have I to install 2.12.0 from scratch?

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You have to install the additional extension via File -> Install KNIME Extension. The MongoDB nodes are in the Labs category.

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I saw the previous reply regarding Jongo being the query language used by the MongoDB node, but can I use C# code in Knime some how to interact with a MongoDB?

Hi, do I need to install Jongo tu run MongoDB Reader?. when I try a query the answer is: ERROR MongoDB Reader 0:1 Execute failed: Cannot parse query: db.Almacen.find().as(Almacen.class);
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