How to use one column for labelling of x-axis in line plot?

I fetch data from a database. The resulting table keeps two columns - t holding the date and v the value for that date. Now my "goal" is to craft a simple chart with the dates appropriately ordered and shown along X and the corresponding values on Y - pretty standard. How is this done?

According to the symbol next to "t" Knime recognizes that the value kept is of type "date". The console logs: "WARN      Line Plot     Some columns are ignored:" (no further text after the colon). But obviously this message is referring to t.



Hi Raffael,


this is one of the very new features of our jfreechart line plot. (Line Chart (JFreeChart))

Select the date column as x axis and select a pattern for the date format in the axis configurations.

Cheers, Iris

Thank you very much Iris!