How to use ReplacedColumnsDataRow?





Constructor Summary
AppendedColumnRow(DataRow baseRow, DataCell... appendCell) 
          Creates new Row with baseRow providing the first cells and appendCell as last cells.


Constructor Summary
ReplacedColumnsDataRow(DataRow row, DataCell[] newCells, int[] columns) 
          Creates a new replaced column row.
ReplacedColumnsDataRow(DataRow row, DataCell newCell, int column) 
          Convenience constructor that replaces one cell only.

As shown above, the usage of these two functions are similar. In JPython Script 1:1 node, I can very well use AppendedColumnRow function, but when I use ReplacedColumnsDataRow function, I always get a ”NameError“ error.  I'm sure I did not write wrong function name, and I can not find the answer online, so I come here to ask for advice.  Look forward to your reply.