How to use "Spark partitioning" node with "stratified sampling" option in Knime Server


I was wondering how to use “Spark partitioning” node with “stratified sampling” option in Knime Server.
Because when I use “stratified sampling” option, thi node execution takes a long time and does not finish.

I’d appreciate it if you help me.


Hello @hhkim,

Please provide the following for additional information/troubleshooting:

  • What version of KNIME Server (KS)/KNIME Executor (KE) are being used?
  • What operating system is your KNIME software running on?
  • What version of KNIME Analytics Platform (AP) is being used?
  • Would you be able to provide a screenshot of the nodes being used, or a sample workflow for me to test with? This would enable me to better understand what you are doing and reproduce the behaviour.

I look forward to helping you resolve this issue!


I’m sorry for the late reply.

This turned out to be a test environment issue.
It works fine now.

Thank you for your kine reply.

Best Regards,

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