how to use Variable with Parameter?

I understand how to use flow variables, but I can’t understand how to combine with Parameter option.
Like the picture showed above, if I set the parameter name same as variable name, then vname is always 15, no matter I pass other than 15 from the command line.

If I set the parameter name to pname, variable name to vname, then I don’t know what I can set variable name at following node’s flow variable tab. If I set vname, then the parameter from the command line still not works.

How to use them both? Thanks

KNIME 3.7.1

Hi there!

There is no possibility to modify workflow variable created from Quickforms node using batch mode.

Flow variables which you can modify/control from command line are global flow variables created when you right click on workflow in KNIME Explorer and then define workflow variable.

Parameter option in Quickforms Input nodes is for REST API calls.



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