how to use workflow coach in inner/private network

I have two computers all running win 10. A machine can access the internet, B machine cannot. I install knime in A machine, and install plugins and update workflow coach related files. It works in A machine. Then I copy A machine’s dir to B. It seems I can not make the workflow coach works on B machine.

I copied the D:\knime-workspace\.metadata and also try to find some clue in C:\Program Files\KNIME to find difference, but without luck.

I also searched in the forum, but get nothing related topic.

Could somebody give me some advice? Thanks!

Hi @HaveF,

If you’re not connected to the internet, you can also get recommendations based on the workflows in your own local workspace. To activate this, go to File -> Preferences -> KNIME -> Workflow Coach -> Workspace Recommendations.

Hope that helps!


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@RolandBurger Hi, Roland, Great thanks for your reply!
Workspace Recommendations works fine.
After set this, the knime-workspace\.metadata\knime\ generate workspace_recommendations.json.

So, I rethink, and re-copy machine A’s community_recommendations.json to machine B. The community recommendation works! It is weird, but works finally.

Thanks for your help again!