How to write csv files on server (through KNIME workflow) with group access rights


I have a requirement to create and store a .csv file through my KNIME workflow on the KNIME server, and make it accessible to users part of the same User group. But, at present files are getting created with R/W/E permissions for Owner only. Hence other users see this error message - 'Execute failed: Can't access 'knime:// / /FileName.csv'. (Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: https:// /portal/rest/v4/repository/ /FileName.csv:data)'

I have tried two access related approaches on the folder that contains these csv files:

a) Through 'Edit Group Right...". I have listed the user groups who could access this folder and its subfolders / files

b) Inherit permissions from parent (and parent folder has provided R/W/E access to both Owner and World

Both approaches fail to provide group level access to new files..

Can we give group level permission through any node in KNIME, or set permsiisons through KNIME workbench which is applied on all new files/sub-folders automatically?

Currently this is not possible for new files. If you have an existing file, the permissions will be retained when it it overwritten. I have opened an enhancement request that new files inherit the permissions from the parent group.

Thanks for the acknowledgment and tracking this as an enhancement. Look forward to this feature.

Hi Thor,

Another related query. I am using "List Files" node in a workflow to display csv files stored in KNIME server. However, if I delete the file manually from backend, and rerun the workflow with "List Files" node, I continue to see the deleted file. I expect the deleted file to not appear on "List Files".

List Files seem to work fine with file additions, i.e. it shows the new file almost at real time.

Can you please suggest.

Never (!) modify the workflow repository by hand. It's likely that something will break. Always make modification through the official interfaces, either the Analyicts Platform client or the REST interface.

That makes sense. List File node data looks fine with the csv files deleted through Analytics Platform and the workflow. So, good there. Thank you!