How to write/generate Regression Tree as PMML


I am new to the KNIME and would like to generate/write the Regression Tree in PMML format. I created a wokflow for it and used "Simple Regression Tree Leanner" but I am not able to connect it to "PMML Writer" node. Although, I am able to connect to "Decision Tree Leaner" to "PMML writer".  Please point to me right direction or lwt me know how can I do it.

Also, I need to also generate the Sequence model ( <SequenceModel functionName="sequences"...> and clustering PMML models,  please guide me how I do it.




Dear Gaurav,

sorry this is currently not available. We do have an open bug report for this and I will add a +1 from you.

Best regards, Iris 

Thanks, menawhile please guide me how can I export a Regression tree model in PMML in R or any other alternate tool. I tried looking a sample R program but didn't find it. I have found how I can export linear regression model in R but similar logic is not working to export Regression Tree model in R