How to write the output file name dynamically/ without typing it manually all the time

Knime version 4.1.1
Just wanted to know if this is possible in Knime. Suppose I am reading data from 3 files and writing into an excel as a single sheet after all the transformations, how do I name the output file name dynamically.
Eg: this is the format in which the file has to be named:
Recon report MONTH ME YEAR_excl Japan_BDXX
where Month and year will be the current month name and current year, and BDXX where X has to be fetched from the input file name

EG: Input file name: Report 1 BD5_6_2345678 → Here BD5_6 will be my XX value
My output file name would be: Recon report JANUARY ME 2022_excl Japan_BD56

Any help would be appreciated!

@Saishiyam maybe you could take a look at these examples and adapt them. You can extract the current date (time or month) and also the name of the import file and other informations:

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