How to write the result as new column to a Table in a loop?

I have a scenario as follows :

  • I have a workflow where multiple excel sheets are giving inputs in a loop and every result is wrote to different excel sheet.
  • I wanted to write all the result to a Table while the loop executes.
  • So, for every new excel input, the workflow will execute, and the result should be written as a new column to the Table.
  • Eg: Excel 1 will generate the results as Result 1 column name with 5 row and will write in a Table, in the next loop Excel 2 will be picked and Result 2 column having 5 rows should be write to the Table, provide the Column 1 (Result 1) should not be overwrite by this step.
  • This action should continue till end of the loop.

Please advice me to find a solution for this scenario. Thanks in advance.

Hi @gokulpnair,

the most limiting factor for performance is lots of disk IO. I’d recommend to collect the results i.e. through aa combination of column filter, to keep only the resulting column, and column append.

If that is not suitable, collect all results in one column and add a file identifier column by inserting the current file name during loop execution using the constant value to column node. If necessary you can use the pivot to convert it to aa column wise representation.

Then, once all results got collected, write them in a file of your choice. Hope that helps. If you’d provide some example excel files with an explanation what exactly you want to compute, I can quickly craft you an soltuion.



Thanks Mike @mwiegand.

Do you have any workflow available to show how a loop can be implemented in this scenario?


Hi @gokulpnair,

can you share some Excel files as any solution would be highly depending on the data it’s been fed. That way we could also check if there are any other limiting but so far unconsidered factors.


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